Water Pipe Repair

eugene-emergency-plumber-water-lineFixing your home or businesses water pipes correctly is an important task. At Baxter Plumbing we have the specialized knowledge and training to repair pipes in the most efficient manner. It is important for the person who owns a home or business property to closely monitor the functionality of the water lines to keep any future problems from occurring.

What is a Water Service?

A water service is a pipe that connects the plumbing that is located in a home or business to the plumbing pipes that provide water to the entire community or private well. Once the water from the supply reaches the plumbing system in the home or business, the water will be distributed to the different rooms that require it.

How Can the Water Pipes be Monitored?

A frequently asked question is “How can I monitor my water pipes? They’re underground or in the crawlspace!” This is completely valid. Luckily, there are a few different signs that can be used to determine if a water pipe is in need of repair or is about to need of replacing.

Age of Plumbing System – When a water pipe or plumbing system is known to be very old, then it needs to be maintained more regularly than a newer system. This is because the materials that are used to create the pipes will begin to degrade over time. In order to prevent any problems from advancing to the point where expensive repairs are needed, it is recommended to have the water pipes and plumbing systems inspected by our plumbers Eugene Oregon every year. After a certain level of degradation that results with age, a water pipe may need to be replaced.

Increased Water Bills – It is important to always review the water bills because these bills are an optimal way to determine if there is a problem with the water pipes. If there should be a sudden spike in the amount of water that is used that cannot be explained, then there might be a leak. Water bills are the easiest way to detect leaks, since they are underground.

Water in the Yard – When the water pipes are leaking badly, then the water that they dispel will saturate the earth and come up through the yard. If large puddles form, then our on-call emergency plumber Eugene OR needs to be contacted immediately. The faster the problem is solved, then the less expensive it will be to repair.

How Can I Avoid Any Repairs at All?

The easiest way to avoid all repairs is to have the system regularly maintained. This will allow any weak spots to be discovered and patched so that the water pipes will not leak. Avoiding digging deep where the water pipe is located will also prevent damage. Finally, if a person moving into a home knows that the plumbing system is old, then he or she should have it preemptively replaced to avoid any future water damage.