Not Just Drain Cleaning from Our Eugene Oregon Rooter Service

eugene-sewer-line-repairWith today’s modern technology, Eugene Oregon Rooter Service professionals do not just snake drains or repair pipe joints. Plumbers actually use cameras and specialized water tools to effectively locate and remove cracks and clogs. Because of complex tools, a plumbing visit doesn’t have to break the bank. Take a look at just some of the services we provide for today’s modern home.

Leaks & Cracks

There is no need to pay for an invasive plumbing service just to locate a leaking pipe. Although some leaks are easily accessible, including under-the-sink issues, many leaks and cracks begin underground or within walls. We use small cameras that snake gently into your plumbing. With high-power lenses, they can show us a perfect view of the plumbing and any internal problems. Eugene Oregon rooter service plumbers can find a crack quickly and seal it without excavating an area. It can all be completed using cameras and specialized tools.

Modernize Your Kitchen & Baths

Think of us when you want to update your sink fixtures. We can install them at a set price to save you money. New fixtures brighten a bath or kitchen, providing you with increased home value when you sell. Our fixture installation services also allow us to inspect your immediate piping for any damage or required parts replacement, such as new gaskets. You’ll be pleased with our professional services.


The old-fashioned strategy to remove pipe clogs was through snaking or harmful chemicals. Our plumbers use hydrojetting to remove clogs quickly without chemical use. Hydrojetting is simply a strong water stream emanating from a hose. We place the hose into the pipe, allowing the water to force itself down the plumbing. When it encounters the blockage, it is slowly broken down by the water. Debris sloughs down the pipe, leaving the walls clear. You’ll see that water flows swiftly down the drain without a blockage in the line.


If you plan on adding onto your home, consider our professional evaluation and installation services. We can tap into your home’s original plumbing to supply the new room. Plumbing can be complicated if it is a new installation. Allow us to take the frustration out of the piping dilemma. We can design and install plumbing that lasts a lifetime. From a new shower to a sink, you need reliable plumbing in the new space.

Contact us today with all your plumbing questions. We can discuss any issues you have and arrange an appointment. Our expert workers will give you a quote to keep your water flowing. A healthy plumbing system reflects a well-maintained home.