Are You Buying a Home Soon?

eugene_oregon_sewer_inspectionMost banks and lenders will require a full plumbing inspection, but they do not always require a sewer video inspection. A broken sewer can cost thousands of dollars, which can be avoided when a sewer video inspection is performed prior the the purchase of the home.

Don’t skip sewer line inspections!

New home shoppers are and continue to be very particular when it comes to searching for their new “dream” home and they most often go to great lengths to obtain this home. Buyer’s now a days are searching for that unimpaired, ready to move-in home. Although a traditional home inspection is a requirement in the buying process, the sewer system, which is just as important continuously goes overlooked.

While sewer line inspections are not required in a regular home inspection and are most often forgotten during the home buying process, most new home buyers do not know or understand the liability they are taking on by doing so. When it comes to the condition of the homes horizontal sewer line which leads from the public road to the home, when a sewer inspection is waived it has now become the financial responsibility of the home buyer, not the city or county’s, should there be a problem with the sewer lines. We understand that there are many underlying reasons that new home buyer’s skip a sewer line inspection, however, we strongly encourage them to consider this important step in the home buying process prior to the close of your new home.

Did you know?

That 8% of a homes value, on average is dedicated to the home’s plumbing system. This means that if you are purchasing a home that is worth $300,000.00 or more that the plumbing value related to this purchase is approximately $24,000.00 or more.

When it comes to a sewer line replacement for the home, the national average cost is approximately $4,500.00, however, these prices often vary greatly due to many factors. Some of these factors can be the length of the pipes underground and the depth of the underground pipes. Street repairs can also lead to an increase in cost, should they need to be repaired, as your municipality is not responsible for these costs.

Baxter Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. is your professional, sewer, drain and plumbing repair company, and we unfortunately must face these issues with new home buyer’s quite frequently. It is very exciting when the signature for the new home is finally on the “dotted” line, however, without this sewer line inspection, most often they soon find out that they are now facing an exuberant plumbing expense.

With our video line camera inspections, we can determine if there are any clogs, cracks, leaks, root intrusion, off-set pipes & damaged underground pipes, which can lead to sewage backup and damage to the home. Trees with large roots are often one of the most dangerous culprits when it comes to underground pipe damage and sewer issues. These roots are constantly in search of water, they will push the underground pipes apart to obtain it and then soil can enter into the pipes through these breaks in the line. Another serious factor that can add to this problem is that these roots run under some sort of concrete driveway, street, sidewalk and possibly gas lines, which again increases the cost of this repair drastically.

What Should I Look for Prior to Waiving a Sewer Inspection?

Baxter Plumbing & Rooter, Inc., wants you to recognize some very simple factors you should look for, prior to deciding to waive that sewer inspection when purchasing a new home. However, please understand that even without these noticeable factors, that when we say, that “We are Your Homes Best Friend”, we mean it and we still strongly encourage that a sewer inspection is performed and it is a very important step that should not be waived during the home buying process. This initial inspection could save you costly repairs in the near future.

  • Home is 20 years old or more
  • Home has been vacant for a while
  • Cracked Concrete
  • Mature Trees
  • Plan on Remodeling in Future
  • Raised Concrete
  • Standing or Water Soaked Grass in Yard
  • Visible Raised or Growth of Tree Roots on or around the Property