Our Eugene Plumbing Contractors Replace Fixtures!

fixturesAplumbing fixture can be any device that attaches to a plumbing system that interacts with water. The fixture can be delivering the water or draining it. Every plumbing feature is designed for a particular use. The core design of a plumbing fixture is the same for many items and the design and use can vary. Fixtures can be ornamental or practical and are usually designed with one function in mind.

Baxter Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. can repair and replace your plumbing fixtures for the following:

  • New Construction
  • Remodels
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Commercial
  • Residential



A bathtub is a huge container that is filled with hot or warm water. It allows a person to bathe while they are completely immersed in the water. Modern bathtubs are made from acrylic and fiberglass and are the more expensive option, when it pertains to bathtubs. The most durable baths are made of steel, cast iron, enamel, and opulent waterproof wood. The bathtub is commonly found in a private or public bathroom and often has a shower attachment, which allows more versatility, such as standing in the bath and shower, or to assist in bathing animals or someone who may be disabled. Most modern bathtubs have water overflows, which allows faucets and drains to assist in the delivery and draining of water.


A sink is a bowl shaped plumbing fixture. It is generally used for washing dishes, hands, and other small objects. It is often called a basin. There are generally several sinks in one household. Sinks have a faucet or faucets that supply hot and cold water. Sometimes it comes with a spray that allows a sustained strong stream of water. Sinks generally have drains as well and often have integrated soap dispensers and hot water dispensers for beverages.


A toilet is probably the most important plumbing fixture in a home or establishment. The modern toilet has a flush system. It moves waste to a community sewage system or septic tank. The toilet is one of the more complex plumbing fixtures. It has a system to refill the tank which is used to flush waste away from the toilet, which means a more complex plumbing to insure the proper flow of waste.


A shower is a rather simple plumbing fixture. It uses a nozzle to stream cold or hot water over a standing person, animal or object. The shape of the nozzle can be modified to generate different effects and different pressures. Showers can be part of the bath or can be a stand-alone stall.

Faucets, Spigots & Taps

The tap is a plumbing fixture that has many uses outside and within the household. It is a valve that is used to control the flow of water, beer, gas, and other substances. Faucets vary from country to county. The U.S. usually has two taps attached to one outlet so that the temperature and the flow of water can be managed, however in older houses, there may be separate taps for cold and hot water. Taps are very common fixtures that are used throughout the household and come in many variations and sizes.

Baxter Plumbing & Rooter, Inc., are licensed Eugene plumbing contractors, that upon inspection will know exactly what plumbing fixture you need for any repair or replacement of your home or business plumbing fixtures.