Proper Grease Trap Repair and Maintenance

eugene-grease-trapsThe grease trap in a restaurant is more than just a vat that holds grease. It is a unit that is vital to the health and safety of everyone who eats and works in that restaurant. Not only must the grease trap be free of leaks, but it must also be maintained to ensure that it will hold the grease without emitting fumes. Most often, grease traps will begin to leak and show the owner or manager of the kitchen that it is not in good repair. Rather than waiting for the grease trap to leak or smell, it is much better for the owner or manager to keep a watchful eye on the unit and have it serviced regularly.

Maintaining the Fixture

Most restaurant owners or managers may not pay much attention to the grease trap as long as it is working properly. However, the grease trap is a fixture in the kitchen that must be constantly monitored to make sure that it is not leaking or cracking. While there are many stories out there about places where grease traps have held the same grease for years and years, having the grease trap serviced every few months is safer and healthier for everyone involved. Professionals can service the trap at regular intervals to ensure that the trap is healthy and in good repair.

Repairing the Fixture

The restaurant owner or manager who needs to have their trap repaired should be concerned about getting this job done as quickly as possible. More often than not, the fixture can be repaired for much less than it would cost to replace it. Repairing a grease trap, means calling in a professional plumber rather than waiting for the problem to get much worse. Once the fixture has been repaired, it is much easier to keep it regularly maintained.

Replacing the Fixture

When the grease trap is in such bad repair that it must be replaced, the owner or manager must consider how quickly they can get the grease trap replaced so that they can keep the restaurant operating. Not having an operational grease trap is something that most restaurants cannot have happen. With the help of a professional plumber, such as Baxter Plumbing and Rooter, Inc., every kitchen can have a new grease trap that will help the kitchen stay in good repair while also ensuring that the new trap will work for many years to come.

Grease Traps Eugene Oregon Service

Every kitchen that has a grease trap should be able to keep their grease trap in good repair while also ensuring that it can get a new one when necessary. Grease traps are an important fixture in the kitchen that must be serviced by a professional plumber or replaced by a professional when needed.

A professional plumber can help to ensure that the kitchen passes safety inspections, has a quality grease trap and is functional every day the establishment is open. Grease traps are sometimes forgotten, but they must be remembered in order to keep the kitchen healthy and safe.