eugene-plumbing-suppliesIf you live in a home long enough, you will eventually have to deal with clogged sinks, leaky pipes, dripping faucets, and plugged up toilets. There is no way to avoid these plumbing issues and the need for plumbing supplies Eugene Oregon! You can call a plumber or fix it yourself. ave the right plumbing tools around. Many people attempt to correct their own plumbing issues by visiting the local hardware store, but sometimes knowing exactly what is needed and how to install piping can be quite confusing and overwhelming, because choosing the right pipe and installing it is not as clear as it used to be with all the new products out in the marketplace. Here are some of the key plumbing supplies that are used for drain pipe plumbing situations:

PVC Pipe – This type of pipe has been a very popular in the plumbing industry. It has become really popular in the last few decades. It is easier to work with, and lighter than conventional galvanized steel pipe. Primarily PVC pipe is used for waste, drain, or stack pipes. Stacks are those pipes that are sticking up out of the roof line. PVC pipe requires a hacksaw, solvents, and a miter box, which essentially glues the pipe together. Diameters are marked on the surface of the pipe. A sizing tool called the Pi-Piper can determine diameters if they are not easy to read.

Rigid Copper Pipe – This pipe is for water supply. Rigid copper can be cut very easily. A Skill saw or a hacksaw can be used. There is a special copper tube cutter that should be used as well. When it comes to connection of copper pipe, it is a different matter. There is a practiced hand required when soldering copper pipe. When installed and cut properly, copper pipe is the best when it comes to resisting corrosion and does not carry the health risks like PVC pipe.

ABS Pipe – This pipe looks very similar to PVC pipe. The only difference is that it is black. This is the older version of PVC pipe. It is often not allowed anymore by plumbing codes, so be sure your plumber provides you with proof that it is safe to use ABS pipe for your vents and drain pipes.

Flexible Copper Tubing – You can use this for short runs, such as those attached to your water heater. It can also be used to lead to cold water supply in very confined areas. These tubes can be cut with ease using a hacksaw. Flexible copper piping can be easily maneuvered around corners and obstacles, however it does not hold up well against maximum temperatures and is not recommended for outside use.

Galvanized Iron Pipe – This type of pipe is constructed of galvanized steel. Each end of the pipe is threaded. Separate pipes are screwed into each other with attaching points. This pipe is really strong. It is rarely utilized for new home construction and is not recommended for the home renovator.

When it comes to pipes within your home or business, it is extremely important to make sure you are using the proper piping and that it is constructed properly. Many individuals who attempt to repair these problems on their own, eventually must deal with much larger problems, such as severe water leaks, bursting and flooding.

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