Can You Imagine Life Without a Water Heater?

water-heater-installation-eugene-oregonIt’s hard to imagine life without hot water, but you may experience it at home when the water heater is malfunctioning. Although these storage tanks appear benign, there are several possible repairs that must be performed to avoid a complete replacement charge. Quality electric, gas or tankless water heater Eugene OR repair with Baxter Plumbing & Rooter is the best possible way to keep your showers, dishwashers and laundry washers full of hot water.

Pressure & Temperatures

There may not be enough water pressure to swiftly move the stored hot water to the desired appliance. Allow our professionals to evaluate the pressure for reliable water and energy savings. The temperature could simply need adjustment or a relief valve may have failed. Setting the temperature to warm, rather than “vacation,” allows the water to remain hot enough for showers or dish washing. Because it is a dial setting, many people find that their temperature was just set too low.

Internal Rods

Our electric, gas or tankless water heater Eugene OR repair & service  includes internal rod inspection and replacement. Sacrificial anode rods reside in the tank, attracting possible corrosion that needs to remain off tank walls. Over time, the rods corrode, effectively breaking down. We can replace the rods to increase the tank’s lifespan. Without rod repairs, corrosion eventually eats away at the metal walls, creating possible cracks and flooding potential.

Draining &Descaling

Once or twice a year, it is good practice to allow us to drain and descale your electric or gas water heater tank. We safely funnel the tank’s water to a nearby storm drain, allowing us to survey the internal parts. If the rods, and other parts, appear strong, we can simple descale it. Specialized cleaners remove rust and other corrosive buildup from the tank’s interior. We fill the tank back up and test it for proper heating. These preventive repairs keep the tank working efficiently without any threat of a breakdown.

When Repair Turns Into Replacement

If it’s been several years since your last scheduled repair, we need to inspect the tank from the outside to the inside. We look for any damage to the tank’s base, especially corrosion. Although tanks are built to hold water, this liquid is corrosive on its own, eventually damaging the metal. If we see any corrosion or cracks along the exterior, it may be necessary to replace the tank. Once the metal is compromised with structural damage, water pressure is too great to hold back safely with a repair job. We can provide a quote for a tankless water heater  with a reasonable installation price. Tankless water heaters are more cost efficient and reliable. However, we can also provide a quote for a replacement of your electric or gas water heater as well.

Contact our professionals today with any water heater questions. With regular preventive maintenance, the tank should last for more than a decade.