Water Heater Repair Eugene OR

eugene-water-heater-repairHot water is more than a convenience; it is also a comfort, relaxation and an important aspect of cleanliness.

Water heaters come in many different types and sizes. The most common forms of water heaters are the traditional tank, tankless on-demand, heat pump style and solar. Our professionals at Baxter Plumbing can help you choose the best type for your use and install the water heater for you including an exceptional warranty.

Maintaining a Supply of Hot Water

The location of most hot water heaters keep them out of sight, making it easy to ignore problems that may limit their ability to produce a supply of hot water. Their lifespan is usually about 10 years, but minerals and sediment in the water that a unit heats can reduce it. Signs of trouble with a heater include these:

  • Metallic Tasting or Smelly Water
  • Too Little or No Hot Water
  • Rusty Water from Tap
  • Sediment or Water in the Tank
  • Shaking or Noisy Unit
  • Water Leak at Base of Unit
  • Rust and Corrosion on Unit”s Exterior
Baxter Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. has qualified plumbers that can detect and perform water heater repair Eugene OR and correct some problems through regular inspections or replace units that are beyond repair. The demand for hot water is probably greater than one may expect, and the absence of it draws immediate attention. An energy efficient shower head uses 36 gallons for a 15 minute bath, and an inefficient one uses twice that amount. According to Smart Energy, a hot wash and warm rinse of a load of clothes uses approximately 30 gallons of water. A hot water heater has a big job to perform, and it needs replacement at the end of its productive life.

Detecting Unseen Causes of Problems

Lack of performance is a good indicator that a heater needs repair or replacement, but some problems are not visible to the owner. The heating element is the part that produces heat, and it may break after years of use. Sediment in the tank reduces its effectiveness, and the mineral deposits in hard water will damage this heating element over time.

A defective “dip tube” is often the cause of problems, making it unable to direct cold water to the bottom of the tank for heating. An incoming stream of cold water that mixes with the hot water on top produces a variation in temperature at the tap. Professional repair or replacement by our plumbers provides a safe return to a steady supply of hot water.

Taking Appropriate Action

Inadequate performance by a hot water heater does not correct itself, and it generally gets worse unless it is corrected by a professional plumber. Signs of problems are usually easy to recognize, and taking action that ensures a steady supply is the best way to eliminate any worries in regards to performance. Water heaters perform perfectly for many years, but they have a limited lifespan. Repair and yearly maintenance can restore heaters to their proper function if caught early enough, and if not a new one can ensure many years of excellent service.

Contact us today for an inspection of your home or businesses hot water heater. We understand that comfort, convenience and safety of your family and patrons is your utmost priority.